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Utilizing an expansive network of community contacts, the Emory team plans to work with Black Atlanta residents to uncover the stories, metrics, and costs of slavery, Jim Crow, and non-post-racial America for African Americans in the city. Over its three year lifespan, the project will focus on three areas: 1. education 2. housing 3. economics and entrepreneurship. To develop reparations plans for healing in these three areas, the team will rely on oral testimonies collected during community listening sessions to discern from those directly impacted by policies designed to deny literacy, housing, voting rights, land, and other resources.

Students Who Graduate From High School on Time In Atlanta City / The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Principal Investigator

Dr. Carol Anderson

Charles Howard Candler Professor of African American Studies

Community Fellows

Dr. Dwight Andrews Professor of Music Theory & African American Music


Dr. Janeria Easley Assistant Professor of African American Studies
Dr. Jessica Lynn Stewart Assistant Professor of African American Studies

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