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The CDF project at Rutgers University-Newark is indebted to the long history of community activism present in the city of Newark. The team will continue to build on this rich local history by coordinating resources both on campus and in the broader Newark community to research local history of racial harms and craft methods of repair. The team will work in collaboration with two community-based organizations, the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and the Newark Community Development Network, to co-create facilitated community discussions. These community dialogues, alongside the research conducted by scholars and students at RU-N, will form the basis of proposed reparative solutions in Newark.

New Jersey’s Racial Disparities / NJ Institute for Social Justice

Principal Investigators

Dr. Mark Krasovic

Associate Professor of History and American Studies

Dr. Timothy Eatman

Professor, Inaugural Dean, Honors Living-Learning Community

Dr. Sherri-Ann Butterfield

Executive Vice Chancellor

Community Fellows

Richard Cammarieri Director for External Affairs/Community Engagement, New Community Corporation
Ryan Haygood President & CEO, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice
Dr. Laura Sullivan Director, Economic Justice Program, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice
Dr. Jean-Pierre Brutus
Senior Counsel, Economic Justice Program, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice

Additional Team Members

Dr. Nancy Cantor Chancellor, Special Advisor to CDF

Peter Englot
Senior Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs, Chief of Staff
Michael Conteh
Postdoctoral Associate, Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice
Deborah Smith-Gregory President, NAACP Newark Branch

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