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This project will serve as an opportunity to produce a formal platform for the study of the historical and contemporary impact of enslavement and land dispossession on residents in the state of Georgia, with particular emphasis on the Port Wentworth-Savannah area. Through community engagement, in-depth study, analysis and interrogation of scholarship, oral history collection, and curation, the Spelman team aims to yield a body of knowledge that will inform public-facing strategies for reparations. More specifically, this project will support the work of the Quarterman-Keller Scholars Program, a group of student scholars who, guided by faculty mentorship, will engage with anti-racist research, policy, and activism. These scholars will also be trained to collect oral histories from descendants of formerly slave-owning and enslaved families in the Port Wentworth-Savannah area.

Land Ownership Inequity in Georgia / Mapping Atlanta

Principal Investigator

Dr. Cynthia Spence

Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Community Fellows

Randy Quarterman Co-Founder, The Quarterman & Keller Foundation
Sarah Eisner,
Co-Founder, The Quarterman & Keller Foundation


Dr. Kathy Powers
Associate Professor of Political Science

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