Carnegie Mellon University

The team at Carnegie Mellon University will bring together the work of college and university humanities scholars with community-based organizations and local Pittsburgh activists to produce a manuscript that captures a comprehensive new history of African American experience in Pittsburgh from its inception during the late colonial era to the contemporary period. Using oral histories as well as archival research, this project will document past and present racial injustices alongside the social and political movements to combat inequality. Further, this project will illuminate the complex role that colleges and universities have historically played in movements for racial justice. This new history will ultimately serve as the foundation for crafting reparations policy recommendations at all levels of government.

The Great Migration / The Black Experience in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Principal Investigator

Dr. Joe Trotter

Director, Center for Africanamerican Urban Studies and the Economy (CAUSE)

Community Fellows

Carla Young
Professor of Development and Ethnic and Diversity Studies
Patricia Mitchell
Writer, Researcher, and Curator of local African American History

Community Advisory Committee

Dr. Ben Houston
Senior Lecturer, US History
Dr. Waverly Duck
Professor, Department of Sociology

Additional Team Members

Arlie Chipps
CAUSE Program Coordinator

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