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The Concordia CDF team aims to engage in research and restorative action for Indigenous people in western Minnesota and eastern North Dakota, home to Native/Indigenous communities of Anishinaabeg/Ojibwe and Dakota Sioux heritage. This project will confront the realities of systemic racism that impact the education, economic opportunities, and lives of Native American/Indigenous peoples and people of color. Specifically, the team will focus on the intergenerational trauma induced by the longer history of mandatory-attendance boarding schools, strategies to repair trust given this history, and language learning as a form of reparations.

Ultimately, this project aims to: 

  1. Promote much-needed healing for Native American/Indigenous families 
  2. Improve the educational situation for Native American/Indigenous students in our schools 
  3. Improve service providers’ understanding of Native Americans/Indigenous peoples’ challenges and adopt a trauma-based approach 
  4. Help Native American/Indigenous parents to trust and use services designed to provide assistance.

Principal Investigator

Dr. James Postema

Professor of English

Community Fellow

Dr. Ricky White
CEO, First Nations Consultants


Dr. Elijah Bender
Assistant Professor of History

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