Wofford College

Wofford College and the wider Spartanburg community are collaborating to develop research-informed plans for racial reparations solutions. The project’s community-campus inclusive research teams are focused on historic and ongoing harms against descendants of enslaved African persons and their communities. Specifically, the team at Wofford College will examine what has been lost as a result of centuries of enslavement, campaigns of displacement, destruction of neighborhoods and cultural/historical sites, systemic barriers to wealth, acts of terrorism, and systemic and structural racism. In addition to acknowledging what has been lost, this collaborative effort will begin the work of transforming Spartanburg’s historical narrative to reflect Black citizens’ experiences more accurately and to recognize their heretofore unacknowledged contributions to Spartanburg.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kim Rostan

Associate Professor of English

Dr. Bria Harper

Assistant Professor, Wofford College

Community Fellows

James A. Jones
Attorney, Immigration Law
Toni Sutton
Community Organizer
Monique Watson
Licensed Professional Counselor
Angelina Edwards

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